How to obtain the wmEDI module user guide

Can anyone tell how can I download a copy of the wmEDI module Users Guide. (I am a SAP business Connector user). I don’t have acces to Advantage etc



If you have login to wmDeveloper, you can export wmEDI package.

export wmEDI package:
1) open the wM Developer
2) select the WmEDI package and select File menu and click Export, store the zip file into local machine.
3) extract the zip file.
4) after extraction go to pub\doc--------- (here you can find all the documents related to WmEDI.

Thanks but I don’t have access to wmDeveloper

SAP BC Developer is the same thing as wM Developer. Do you have access to that?

Yes that is what I am using but there is no documentation with it.

The only official way to get the WmEDI module documentation is to download it from Advantage.

Are you saying you followed the steps ArulChristhuRaj posted and that there were no pdf files within the WmEDI package? If that’s the case, you may need to contact SAP.