How to monitor flow services at runtime with business data

Hi Guys,

Hope you all doing well. I have been wondering how people search integration services at runtime, suppose a typical pub-sub integration scenario from source A to canonical and canonical to target B and the canonical is a sales order. And I am service audit logging all the top level flow services.

But at runtime how do I search all my logged flow services based on business data like order number a field in the canonical say “0002232322”.

Please let me know what is the usual practice in webMethods U guys are following in your companies.

And also I am not using process models, as I know process models you can achieve this by using logged fields.


you need to build your custom logging to have this

You can use logActivityMessage to log keys and other data of interest in the full message of the audit log. In Monitor you can then search for the logged values.

Thanks amar and reamon.

logActivityMessages I guess only applicable to process models.

I see in 8.2 version, software ag provide build-in facility for flow service logging, but now we are still in 7.1.2, might have to build custom logging I guess, any other thoughts, please share

logActivityMessages can be called any time, not just within process models. We do so all the time.

Thanks Reamon… it is working for flow service also…seems to be pretty good solution… only concern is need to put everything in the activity messages… not like the logged fields in case of process models…the service pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages being in PRT package is misleading…but it also works for flow services also…


I’m interessted by facility provide by wM 8.2 for flow service logging ?
I would like to log customs Fields. Where have you find informations?

The information is higher up in the thread.