How to modify single extended property on an IS using CC


I would like to modify a single extended property on an IS. So first I tried to query this property, but the only command I could find returned all the extended properties:

cc get configuration data IS-DEV1 integrationServer-default COMMON-SYSPROPS ...

Does that mean that to modify a single extended property, I need to query all the properties, modify the single property (using regex?) and then call CC to update all the properties? Isn't there a way to query/set a single property?


For configuration updates, including COMMON-SYSPROPS type, the currently/commonly supported behavior is a ‘complete update’:

  • get full copy locally
  • modify local copy (add, remove, update properties)
  • submit modified copy
    This is what IS plugin supports for COMMON-SYSPROPS.

If you know how the configuration should look like, independently of what it was, you can replace the process with

  • have a local ‘target’ copy
  • submit it
    This process is what composite templates are based on. They set the target configuration state independently from what was there.

Some products/configurations support ‘partial configuration updates’. For example Universal Messaging 9.9 supports COMMON-SYSPROPS type for Realm Properties configuration and you can submit only properties that you’d like to change:

  • submit changes only

This approach works well for configurations that have known/fixed properties set, e.g. clients cannot add/remove properties, only modify.
This is not the case with IS. If IS COMMON-SYSPROPS supported partial configuration update it would not be possible to remove properties.

Having said this, we’re considering to formalize ‘partial configuration updates’ at some point, though no concrete plans at the moment.

I understand. We’ll just have to be extra careful when modifying the string of properties sent by CC, to make sure we don’t end up modifying more than we intended…

One thing I’m wondering is that since all the properties seem to be managed as a single entity, if we use the command : cc get configuration compare COMMON-SYSPROPS…

will CC be able to compare property by property and tell us which ones are different or does it compare as a whole and tell us if the entirety of properties are the same on both IS? (which would not be very useful)

If you’re referring to the CC Configuration Compare functionality, then yes, it does compare property by property.

Yes, I was referring to the CC Configuration Compare functionality. Very nice.