How to log in to SalesForce so I can call a web service

I’m new to WebMethods so please forgive me if this is too simple but I couldn’t find anything online or in the documentation.

I have a cloudstreams connector created to our SFDC account and it’s working fine. The connection pool is enabled and I’m able to do a query operation or whatever I’d like from the built-in options. However, I also was given a WSDL for a SOAP web service from our SFDC developer. I was able to import the wsdl and create the web service descriptor but I get an INVALID SESSION ID when I call the method created by WebMethods on the wsdl import.

I assume I need to log in to SFDC and get the session ID and then I’d be able to call the web service but I can’t see how to do that. If someone could please point me in the right direction and/or show me an example of what to do , I’d really appreciate it. Right now I have a flow service with just the web service call but I was thinking I’d need a step in the beginning to do some kind of login first.

Any advice or help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Hi Damon,

CloudStreams Salesforce connector helps you to simplify the process of calling those SOAP api methods by allow you to do the same via the adapter services.

Otherwise if you’ve not purchased the license for CloudStream server, you may also implement solution through the WSDL provided.
First, you’ll need to call the SFDC login method to get the session id. Then you need to include the session id and call query/upsert/create() depending what you need to do with the SFDC standard/custom object. From there you can continue with your development.

Would suggest you read SFDC SOAP API user guide at, or trying to get familiar yourself with any sample code for SFDC in java to understand how it works.

Also SOAPUI and Postman are your best friend when you work on web services protocol like SOAP/REST.


I think the link above is not functional… So please try this direct link to the guide: