How to load data into centrasite


Am using centrasite 8.0 Active SOA, SP3.
I would like to know the data format that centrasite supports to import the data into centrasite.
For example, is it possible to import a xls sheet?
can any one help me out?

Thanks and Regards
Anusha Srinivasan

Hi Anusha,

CentraSite has build-in importers for web services (WSDLs), schemas (XSDs) and workflows (XPDLs). If you have other Assets, please have a look at the toolset from Jochen Wiedmann, available under CS Utils Importer - CentraSite Utilities Importer.

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Hello Gerald,

Do you know where I can find a usage example?
I’m not sure where to start with my importer…
(this is my first approach to JAXR also)



please have a look at the official CentraSite 8.2 documentation under where JAXR examples can be found under
If you want to use SOAP requests instead, e.g. using Apache Axis 2, have a look under


In addition please check out the tutorials and articles on the community wiki:


Gerald, Daniel,

Thanks for your prompt reply.