How to Link soap service end point to specific user/ACL


Can any one please help me out to understand “How to Link soap service end point to specific user/ACL”.

We are using IS version 9.12.

Please suggest if there is any document for the same.

Hi Maunish,

is this a provider or a consumer endpoint?

when it is provider, open the WSD node in Designer and lock it for edit.
Create the ACL in IS Admin UI under Security → ACLs and the groups or roles which contain the users.
In Designer in the Properties pane of the WSD node go to Permissions and assign your ACL to at least "Read ACL" and "Execute ACL".
Read ACL controls the extraction of the WSDL for the partner and the Execute ACL controls the invocation of the service from outside IS.

Check out the Empower Documentation Area for the WebServices Developers Guide.



You can do this from Permissions on the Web service descriptor(WSD). For creating webservice endpoint, go to IS → Settings → Web services. You can create endpoint alias here and link it to the WSD on the Binders Tab by selecting the binder and Port alias property.

Ashish Bania