How to link EDIFACT, EDIINT and MDN?


I am in a scenario where I get EDIFACT from a partner through FTP and will be sent to receiver through AS2. Each transaction will have a custom JOBID attribute (sent in the filename) that is used to send back the status to sender partner.

Now when the MDN comes from receiver partner, I have to find out the original EDIFACT Envelope transaction for this, get the JOBID from its attributes and sendback the status to sender partner.

  1. Sender -> EDIFACT with JOBID -> AS2 -> Receiver

  2. Receiver -> AS2 MDN -> EDIFACT JOBID -> Status -> Sender

Can you please share some ideas on acheiving this?


One possibility would be to define a custom attribute for the EDIFACT doc type(s). You’ll need to do this programmatically with FLOW services since the EDIFACT doc types are not editable but that’s a one time action. Then in your processing, set the the JOBID in the custom attribute. Then on MDN handling you can retrieve the the custom attribute from the EDIFACT doc that is related to the MDN. (The MDN identifies the interchange it is acknowledging, correct?)

Hope this helps.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for breaking the ice. I do have an attribute (set to EDIFACT Envelope) for this JOBID and using it.

Here I have a problem. The MDN is only identifying the EDIINT. And the EDIFACT Envelope is not identified or linked to MDN or EDIINT. Is something missing here?


Sorry, I’m at a loss on this one.

Hi Rob,

I figured out a way of doing it. Using relatePayload service of WmEDIINT.doc package, I could relate EDIINT and the EDIFACT transaction after invoking EDIINT.send service. As MDN and EDIINT are linked by default, I could do MDN -> EDIINT -> EDIFACT traversing and get the JOBID from attributes.


Excellent. Thanks for sharing the solution.