How to "link" a library (JAR) with a web application?


I’ve written a small web application basically consisting of a single servlet. In this servlet’s “doGet” method I call some barely to not documented APIs of MWS. Under wM 9.6 this worked as expected. Under wM 9.12 I get the exception that a particular interface (IIRC, it’s something like IDLSFilterService) is not visible from the class loader. (I don’t have the stack trace at hand and hence describe it generally. It’s possible that the internal implementation of the API has change between 9.6 and 9.12.)

The library (JAR file) that contains this interface is present in /common/lib.

My question is: How can I achieve that the class loader which is “responsible” for my servlet can see the classes in that JAR? Do I need to provide some manifest file or something like that?

If that matters: I deploy the web app using the repository based deplyoment.

Thank you for any hints.

Can you please share your application, so that I can take a look and suggest the solution.


I solved the problem myself. I had one of the MWS libs (from common/lib) copied to my app’s WEB-INF/lib folder. Hence the web app used this copy of the library and that caused class incompatibility.