How do I share a JAR file with multiple Applications running on MWS ?

Hi … I have a simple question. I want to share a JAR file across multiple applications that are running on my MWS … Now I have found a directory here, where I think MWS loads JAR files from:

MWS Directory\lib\ext\

I know that MWS loads JAR files from here because when MWS is running, Windows doen’t allow me to delete any JAR file from here …

Now if I place my own custom JAR file here, its not loaded, as its still delete-able …

So how can I make MWS load a custom JAR file so that I can use its functionality from multiple application ?

After copying your .jar, run the command “mws update” from /MWS/bin. This will scan those directories and add them to the MWS classpath.

Every time you place custom jar in that directory, you need to update MWS so it knows the library is updated.


  • Shutdown MWS
  • place new jar file sin the lib/ext folder
  • go to <MWS_DIR>/bin/ and run “ -s <instance_name> update” (this is for Linux, on windows run the mws.bat file)
  • Once done, go to <SAG_DIR>/profiles/MWS_xxxx/bin and start the server

Your JARs should be loaded now.