how to learn webmethods

hi sir,

I am srilatha .I new to webMethods.can you tell me how to start learning webMethods.

SofwareAG provides good materials for learning can learn the concepts easily.

In the below link you can find all the materials


Thank You Sakthisps for gave good link to refer webMethods.

Hi… iam lakshmi.iam intrested to learn webMethods(softare ag).could some one pls help me how to learn webMethods.

i tried to access the following link,but iam not authorised to accces this:

plsss help me

Sorry, you now need Empower access to logon for the documentation site.

Try this for more live training


Hi RMG could you pls help towith software AG live details


Try accessing this link:

I hope you have registered with SAG tech community and your are not logged in as a guest

Get back if you need further details.

This link still exists I don’t know… :smiley:

It does exists 8)

good deal :smiley:

Hi Mahesh… thank you soomuch for helping.

started learning webMethods.

could you please help me how to write a sql statement to copy data from one table to another in adapter service or to copy latest inserted row fron old table to new table.

Yes that is possible. But I am not giving the solution :lol: :lol: Give it a try!

Can you read JDBC adapter guide and look for (select, insert adapter service, customSQL) that should work for your requirement.

Let me know if you have questions…

thanks mahesh for the information

iam able create adapter services for Insert,Select,Update and Deleted and tried for Copy using Custom SQl with the following SQl query:

Select * into StudentNew from StudentOld

getting errors while executing the above statement :frowning:

Is your SQL statement correct? Can you try executing the same on TOAD or SQL developer.

What is the error you see while execution?