how to invoke Flow Services through http ( from html page)

Hi All,

I have a question in web methods.

My Scenario is : http --> Web methods Flow service .

Can i get seom help of how to proceed in this scenario?

I have all my flow service ready which inserts data into database.

Now I will have to test the service from a html page.

please help me in this.

I would like to know how the data is received by web methods? will this be a string data / Xml document?


Create an html containing a form whose action is set to the fully qualified name of the service that you want to invoke. In the html form, use the same name for the input text tags as the inputs of your flow service.

Eg if you have a service TestService in a folder called TestFolder. In addition, lets also assume that your service takes two input parameters -> firstName and lastName, here’s a snippet of how your html code should look like:


When the submit is clicked, the TestService is invoked with the inputs firstName and lastName. When the service completes execution, the output template defined in the TestService will be used to display the results in the browser. If there is no output template defined in the TestService the default template (the webMethods IS gray template) will be used.

I would recommend reading DSPandTemplatesDevGuide.pdf in the /Developer/doc/guides folder (that’s where it is in the 6.1 version). Hope this helps.


Edit - missed out the invoke in the action URL

Thanks Rohit.

I will try this way


Will the data come as a string or as a Node type after submission?


For the example above, the invoked service ‘Testfolder:TestServie’ should receive two string variables, ‘firstname’ and ‘lastname’. Another example showing posting an XML document using a form can be found here.


If you create those html fields in a table structure you see the same field variables as string and string list ,if I am not wrong…anyways just invoke savepipelinetofile and restorePipeLnetoFile ,you can see the actual variables coming in to the service when invoked from a HTML page.

A look at the ISJSPGuide.pdf unser Developer / doc / guides will tell you about invoking services through the IS JSP Tag library (webm). That uses a path syntax to the service similar to what you do in a java service your how it is path in FLOW. This is for a page living on the IS server itself. For a page living outside, you may need to set the access for each externally called service to Anonymous (maybe in either case) and the you can use the http://server-name:server-port/invoke/folder/folder/service convention. You can see this through the admin webpage when you go to Packages -> Management and you browse to a package down to its services and open to test service. You can then view the source to the Page to see the action in the form section. Good day.

Yemi Bedu