invoking a flowservice through a webbrowser

Hi experts,

 Can anyone let me know how can i invoke a flowservice from webbrowser (with IE5.5 say) without using webservice....

Say my service is an addition of two numbers which has inputs a&b which gives output C.

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for example, http://localhost:5555/invoke/pub.math:addFloats

The input can then be passed as either part of a FORM posting to that URL or a query string, such as:


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It works fine for “get” method, is there any way to post a method?

I mean to say when i give the url with inputs mentioned(in the url itself) then it gives me an output. This is fine…

Is there any way so that I can get a textbox when i give the same url http://localhost:5555/invoke/pub.math:addInts asking for inputs ?

say for example if i give this url http://localhost:5555/invoke/pub.math:addInts then i need to get a text box asking for values num1 & num2, then which accordingly i’l get an output.

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Plain old HTML would work, or you could do a DSP hosted on the IS server (explained in the DSPandTemplatesDevGuide.pdf)

Here’s the plain old HTML way:

You would need to create an HTML page with a FORM element. The FORM start tag would have the attributes action= and method=post. Between the start tag and the end tag would be the INPUT elements you want to use to retrieve the values.

For example,

Of course, you can make it prettier than that, but there are other forums for HTML authoring… :slight_smile: