how to invoke DSPs runtime using flow service

hi everyone,

can any one help me to invoking DSPs in runtime from flowservicen.


In one flow service having mutilple conditions,for each condition satisfy should invoke appropricate dsp page.

anil kumar ellendula

You may have this backward-- is it possible to change the logic so the dsp page invokes the flow service?

Perhaps you want the service “runTemplateOnPipeline” or something like that?

Check in WmPublic service guide for something mentioning templates. That might get you where you want to be.

You can create a output template for each service. In the output template use a re-direct to the url of the dsp.


I’d think it’s easier to have the condition logic directly in the DSP page, then you can use %include% to call different DSP based on the condition value.

Can you throw some light on what you want to achieve by invoking DSPs in a flow service?

If you want the html output of the DSPs then you can use http service of WmPublic package.


DSPs generally run standalone. One option is to specify an output template to a Flow or Java service - you can use DSP style tags there.

As Nath said, if you want to use a template to apply to your pipeline itself, another option is to use the services in the WmPublic/ folder. Something like or may be what you need.