How to invoke a service via HTTP

first I m working with webmethod 6.0.1
I want to invoke a service from an application with Http
or this service has a file on imput
when I tape "http://gladiator:5555/invoke/ps8.utils:publish_request"
I don’t know how to give an imput file as parameter?
Thank you for your Co-operation!!

The command should be
(replace “:” by “/”)

pass parameters as you would pass while doing form submission


this method does not go because the service consider that the
filename=“C:\Documents and Settings\TBE\Bureau\ps8\request_input” like a imput not its contents

somehow in the pipeline it takes me this :

fileName C:\Documents and Settings\TBE\Bureau\ps8\request_input
local true
fileNameList C:\Documents and Settings\TBE\Bureau\ps8 \request_input

Hi Bellamine,

how do you plan to invoke the service? using webpage? or some other application?


If you want to invoke the service via browser,

  1. Create a form element,
  2. One of the input elements(e.g textarea) should have the same name as the input to the service you are invoking.
  3. Set the content of the textarea to the content of the file and do form submit.

Hope this helps.

or create an upload field with just the filename and use a multipart mine type for the form.

Then also handle the multipart mime message in your service.

Hello chiraq,
I invoke my service via Http , using html form

For Ramesh,
I already followed all the step that you said but it generate the following error:
“Invalid input. ‘document’ is a required parameter of type IData”

but in the pipeline it gives me all the values which are in XML the file
view the values that exists in the pipeline
OrderRequest: 100250102 ENG_361_11 333333333333333333 FRAncaissssssssss Mark Twain ENGkkkkkkkkkk test 0 Mk T FR

thanks for you all!