How to install Tomcat examples project on WebMethods Integration Server

When I go to http://:5555/WmTomcat page the “examples” project link is missing.
I want to deploy some projects on WebMethods Integration Server which runs on servlets and jsps.
In Tomcat we can place our projects in /webapps folder.
Is something like this can also be done with embedded Tomcat of WebMethods Integration Server ?

For WmTomcat, use the following URL to access the WmTomcat ROOT context package:
For example:
Note that the URL ends with “/

the physical folder path is <IS_Folder>/web/

More information in Web_Applications_Developers_Guide.pdf in Integration Server section in documentation

Just curious but why do you want to do this? Why not deploy it to an actual Tomcat server? I, personally, have never been a big fan of the WmTomcat package. In fact, one of the first things I do when installing a brand new IS is to disable this package (along with some other ones). The way I see it, the Integration Server should host integration services. Web applications belong on a web server. Just my $.02.



please make sure that you have the latest IS_Tomcat_Fix applied to your IS if there is one available for your wM Version. These Fixes usually contain an updated Tomcat Engine (see Readme for details).


Thank you Venkata for your response. :smiley:
but the physical folder path <IS_Folder>/web/ doesnt have webapps folder inside it where I can place my projects. I even tried creating a new new folder called “webapps” inside <IS_Folder>/web/ and placed my examples and jpetstore project inside it but when I hit the http://localhost:5555/web/examples or http://localhost:5555/web/jpetstore nothing comes up.

How do I convert my typical tomcat servlets projects into WebMethods IS projects ?

I even tried placing the jpetstore.war file inside <IS_Folder>/web/ folder and restarted the server but still it doesnt work. :cry:

And where can I find the Web_Applications_Developers_Guide.pdf document or any other related documents.
please help.

Hi Sagar,

please take a look at the WebApplicationsDeveloper Guide.

In the 9.5 SP1 version of this document in Chapter 3, page 28 it is described where to place the files to get them activated for WmTomcat.

Please keep in mind to add a package dependency to WmTomcat-Package for your custom package.

The URL to your application will then be “/web//” instead of “/web/”.


Despite the “Web Applications Developer’s Guide”, this package is definitely lacking a tutorial IMHO.

Best regards,