How to install certificate toolkit?


I need to generate a CSR for Verisign but can’t locate the script in my unix server. Does this mean that the certificate toolkit is not installed? If so, how do I install it? The webMethods server is already in production, is there anything I should take note of before installing the certificate toolkit?

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I might be able to help you a little. We don’t run XPI on Unix, but on Windows. I doubt whether a certificate request should be generated on the server it will be installed on. The toolkit doesn’t come with the standard installation. We got it from the webMethods website. If you have a Windows machine where you can work on, you can send an email to me and I send you the .exe and readme.txt. My addess is “patrick.kooman at”.

Installing is easy. Goto the webmanager and, under “Security”, choose Certificates->Edit Certificate Settings. If you want to use the default names, (which I think is wise), you don’t even have to do this, I guess. Just copy the file to the shown directory/file.

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The Certificate Toolkit is a stand-alone application that you need to install.

It does not affect an existing installation of the Integration Server.

I am trying to search the file you mentioned. How can I get hold of the webMethods Certificate Toolkit. It is not available on the advantage website?


The Certificate Toolkit is available from webMethods via the webMethods Installer. You will find the Certificate Toolkit under Runtime Environments/webMethods Integration Server/Certificate Toolkit Program Files 6.0.1.

The documentation for the Certificate Toolkit can be found in the Bookshelf on Advantage in the webMethods Integration Platform section.