How to insert Flat File into Oracle using Insert Adapter Serivice


i’m picking flat file from remote FTP server.
Now i’ve to do insert into Oracle db using insert Adapter Services.

I know Insert Adapter Service only.
How can I insert that Flat File into oracle db using this insert adapter service?

Is der any built-in service for this?
Can anybody please suggest?


Hi Ganesh,
You can use following combination of services in your flow service:
1)pub.file:getFile (to get flat file from directory)
2)pub.flatFile:convertToValues (Converts a flat file to an IS document (IData object) based on the input flat file schema)

once you get the IS document then do requisite mapping with the input document of your insert adapter service.
So this way your flat file is inserted into oracle db using insert adappter service.

Hope it should work fine.
Puneet Saxena