How to increase speed of purging data in InternalDataStore API Gateway

webMethods API Gateway

Any way to increase speed of purging data from InternalDataStore in webMethods API gateway ?

I have many lifecycle transactional data in my API Gateway, that why if I purging in the midnight that data still not enough for that day to deleted, because every day transactional data still increase.

so in the end of the day disk still grow up every day, although I purging in every midnight.

Hi @ikrom.rohim,
I am using 10.15 version of API Gateway on-premise setup.
You can do it using the manage data available under the Administration tab.

Vikash Sharma

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Thanks @Vikash_Sharma1

yes I doing like that, the consent is I want the purge is completed before office hours.
so if I have 100 million data transactional that I want to purge from start from 8 PM to 6 AM then I want that purging is completed in 6 AM.
Are it’s possible to increase the speed of purging ?

hi @ikrom.rohim,
Please raise the feature request for same.

Vikash Sharma