How to include Custom Attribute in TN Delivery Method url.


we are delivering xml using Immediate delivery method in TN Profile.
i want to add one of the attribute in the xml content to the delivery url.
do we have any service which can be used to add the custom attributes to the delivery method url. Please help me if any one has idea about this.

Thanks in Advance.
Santhosh - to add an attribute to a document type - to set an attribute to a bizdoc - to update the value of attribute assigned to a bizdoc


Hi Senthil,

Thanks for replying.

Actually i am looking to add an attribute in the URL which is mentioned in the delivery method in partner profile. i want to extract the attribute which is already present in the xml file and add it in the URL while posting to it.

What you can do is try this logic to get the URL from the delivery method as steps below:

tn.profile:getProfile (based on the receiver/ProfileID in the pipeline from TN)
Loop thru profile/Delivery
Branch on sequence
%profile/Delivery/Protocol%==“https” || %profile/Delivery/Protocol%==“http”
Inside this put a map step - receiverHttpURL var (setValue with substitution as

receiverHTTPURL should have the URL what you need: