How to import .war files in Designer?

In Designer, I want to import CAF samples which are .war files provided at webMethods712\MWS\components\samples\caf. When I select File->import and then select webMethods->Existing CAF projects into workspace and then select the above caf folder as root directory, I don’t get any projects listed.

Are there any other way to import these projects in designer?

Software AG is not not following the updated documentation according to latest updates.

What has happened in the latest release is that the samples under
MWS\Samples (as per the designer help) is not downloadable thru the
installer and thatz the reason you dont find samples CAF projects directly
under MWS.
The war files you find under \MWS\components\samples\caf are web archive files and not project samples (it doesnt contain project manifest
information). So you cannot load it as an “Existing CAF Project” but can
load it as an archive file into an exiting project.

So for importing the .war files under \MWS\components\samples please select option as “General->Archive file” and not use “webMethods->Existing CAF” Projects into Workspace as per designer 7.1.2 pdf