How to import jar files to webmethods?

Hi Mustafa,

please open a new thread for your questions and provide more details.


I have json-smart-1.1.1.jar in my \SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\lib\jars folder. However, when I type “import net.” in my java service, it does not see the jar file. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Brandon,

Designer is not aware of the jars available in the IntegrationServer.

Either import the jar to your workspace additionally or you just have to know the exact name of the classes you want to import in your service.


Hey Wang,
I cant find folder called code in packages folder.
Do I need to create a folder called code and then place the jar inside that folder?


Hi Sufran,

as pointed out above already there are two locations for placing jars:
Either under IntegrationServer/instances//lib/jars/custom or under IntegrationServer/instances//packages//code/jars.
For the second location, when the jar has a native part, the jar needs to go under the static subdirectory.

Jars under lib/jars/custom and under code/jars/static require a restart of IS to get loaded, but jars under code/jars only require a reload of the package.

The mentioned folders should exist by default.


Hey Holger,

This path worked

The only problem there is always this sign image

and on project in Java project itself has this image

But the code is compiling.
So to fix this i have to set the Jar in Java Build Path manually to have the error go away.


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Hi Sufran,

are you using Local Service Development or are you compiling on a remote development server?

Depending on wM version you will have to add an instance/default path segment between IntegrationServer and lib/…, as IS is able to host more than one instance since wM 9.6, which caused a slight change where the real class loading takes place.


Hey Holger,

That is on my local. Thx