How to import flat file from AS400


I have a requirement where I have to import a flat file (fixed length records) from a library in AS400 and send it to a customer via EDIINT AS2. I am using a JDBC adapter connection. How do I import the flat file? Also, would I need to parse it in order to send it via EDIINT:send (the file is to be sent as is, no processing required on webMethods)?

Thanks in advance!

You can pull the data as ‘blob’ object. You don’t have to perform any parsing logic as no transformation is required in your case…

Thank you for the quick response. Could you please explain what a ‘blob’ object is?

Hi Senthil,

Could you please explain in brief what a ‘blob’ object is and how it is to be accessed? Should it be accessed via a jdbc adapter service?

Thank you.

You can just google “Blob” to find out what it is.
If your source document is already in a DB table, sure you can use JDBC adapter to access it.

How do you connect to AS400 system? If you are using JDBC adapter, you can choose the object named ‘blob’. Its just another datatype similar to varchar, string etc.,

I am using a JDBC adapter selectSQl service. The file is getting imported as a table with a single and each line of the data is in a new row in the table. Forgive my ignorance, does it have to do with the output field type of the column?

yes. datatype is for the column that is defined in table.