how to implement ws-security for consumer descriptor which could have several addresses

Currently we have a consumer descriptor and its connectors. This consumer descriptor will have multiple corresponding providers. These providers have the same logic, just the addresses are different.

We want to implement the ws-security on it with basic username/password since the providers is going to have the ws-security implemented. So how to implement this? The port alias seems won’t work as it will require you to enter the server host name which only allow one while we have multiple.

create one consumer endpoint alias for each system you need to access.
all the connector service has a parameter of: endpointAlias
you can create one (or more) wrapper flow service that allow you to switch between these aliases by assigning intended value for the endpointAlias

checked the connector, it doesn’t have endpointAlias in pipeline. Also “just one consumer port alias” would be preferred because we want to dynamically assign the url to connector according to different env settings.