how to implement Repeat step in flow service

Hi All,

I am new to wM development i want to the examples on Loop and Repeat step. I am trying to add numbers from 1to 9. But am getting the desired output. First I initialized the count then Repeating the count for 9 times , inside Repeat am using a Map step to increment the count by 1 and invoked the addInts flow step after this.
I am not getting the desired output. Help me


In Repeat Flow step you have to specify two properties.
1) count = 9
2) Repeat on = Success.

I checked, its giving expected results… More info refer…(Install and check it) (4.54 KB)

Can you plz mention each step wise and the properties as well
Anyways thanks for the help

1. place the zip file in your /replicate/inbound/
2. login into IS–>Package Management–>install inbound releases
3. select the zip file & Install it…
4. login into developer and check it…

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as i need to contact some admin guys for that, as i dont hav previliges. Just give me step wise and mapping as well
Help is highly appreciated


1) first flow step - use map step to store count = 0
2) second flow step - use repeat -
select properties - count=9
Repeat on = Success
3) inside repeat step, use map step and add math.addInteger using transformer
map “count” to num1
assign num2 = 1
and map variable “value” to count…
4) If you run this service, final output will be stored in to count.

for more info see attachment… result will be “10”

Hi Arul,

Thanks for spending considerable amt of time and explainig me clearly.
I am trying to implement a flow service that gives whether the given number is prime or not?
I am using Repeat for that and its not executing steps inside the Repeat step.
I am initializing flag to 0 and in Repest count property set to %n% and Success. Inside Repeat am using Branch in which am comaping if n%i==0 setting falg = 1.
After that am using another Branch outside this Repeat and comparing if flag =0 then displaying ‘the number given is Prime’, but its not working where am i going wrong.
How to proceed plz help me.