How to Implement IF condition Using Flows

Let’s say I have two variables in the pipeline x & y. I want to compare x = y if true then process some steps. If not then process another sequence how to implement this using flow operations.

As with many dev/scripting environments, there are several ways to do it. Here’s one:

BRANCH on /x
[additional steps here for x == y]
$default: SEQUENCE
[additional steps here for x != y]

Refer to Chapter 4: Building Flow Services in the B2B Integrator Guide for details on this and other FLOW operations. webMethods also offers a very good introductory hands-on course to get up to speed quickly. Check out the schedule on the webMethods Advantage site. You can find a link to the course schedule at [url=“”][/url]


Actually, variable substitution does not work in a label unless you use evaluate-labels. The correct BRANCH syntax would be:

BRANCH (evaluate-labels = true)
$default: SEQUENCE

You could also use %a% = %b%. The percent signs are necessary if a and b are path expressions such as %x/y/z%.

There is more info on Conditional Expression syntax in the Integrator (Developer) User’s Guide.

Oops. Sorry for the brain cramp. Don’t know what I was thinking. Thanks for the correction!!