How to implement Flow Service base RESTfull style

Hi everyone,
I have multi Flow Services which wrote in SOAP style, now I want to rewrite that service flow RESTfull style. I read REST_Developers_Guide, but this document not show how to implement.
Can you show me how to implement or introduce me the link or document resolve my problem? ( I using my web method 8.2)
Thanks everyone!

REST developer’s Guide provides enough detail for implementation. You may want to read it a few times.
If you have specific question on specific problem, you can post here.

Hi Tong Wang,
In SOAP style, I have a flow service - getCustomer. this service have 3 param: customerCode, customerName, Age.
In REST, there are many ways to call service. Example:
GET http://localhost:5555/rest/customers => get All Customer
GET http://localhost:5555/rest/customer/$id => get Customer by ID
GET http://localhost:5555/rest/customer?customerCode=:1&customerName=:2&Age=:3 => get Customer by param
So In REST style, I have to write at least three flow service, but I don’t know how many flow services is enough for REST in this context?
Can you tell me how to do? I’m new member in both Webmethods and REST.

Hi Tong Wang,
Do you understand my question?

Hi everyone,
Can you help me slove my problem?

Hi everyone,
With method GET, now I resloved my problem for myself. But with POST and PUT, I don’t know how to do. The flow service which generate by IS only 2 parameter (resoureID and path) while I need insert/update many field of CustomerInfo (Name, code, age, gender, …).
Can you help me?


I am not experienced in implementing REST service.

REST development is more sort of design based on business requirements than technical implementation.

If you have requirement of all the mentioned conditions, you need to develop all three. I think you have answered your question yourself.

I like listen from other experts on it. :roll: