How to give condition like if count 1 in ntegrator

I had checked the size of a RecordList, Now if size is more than 1, I want to do some operation.
I had created a branch on /size of List.
Inside branch, I had label=1, label=0 conditions.
But If record size is more than 1, I want to check this condition and process accordingly, What should be my condition for size > 1

a) Set the “evaluate labels” to true for the branch. Dont have any “Switch” statement (leave it blank)

b) Inside the branch, have %sizeOfList% > 1 as the label for your first condition and %sizeOfList% <= 1 as the second condition. webMethods does pipeline variable substitution when it tries to evaluate the expression.

I am sure there are many other ways of doing this.


Try this.
Before the BRANCH map the size of the list to a string ie. sizeVar.
Chang your BRANCH. Set evaluate-labels to “true”.

Then in the the label of your map or SEQUENCE place the following conditions %sizeVar% == 1 or %sizeVar% == 0 or %sizeVar% > 1.

You will need a SEQUENCE if you need more that one instruction to be executed for each condition. In that case the conditions go in the label of the SEQUENCE.


Branch (on %sizeVar%)
Sequence (label = %sizeVar% == 1 || %sizeVar% == 0)
Sequence (label = %sizeVar% > 1)


Here’s another way:

BRANCH on /sizeVar (evaluate labels=false)
…0:[your steps for no entries]
…1:[your steps for one entry]
…$default:[your steps for any other number of entries]