How to get the selected value from COMBODYNValidValues

You can get the selected value (id property of the ValidValueLine) of the COMBODYN2 by binding its VALUEPROP property to a field in the adapter class.

How do you get the TEXT property of the selected value :?:

Of course, I have the id and I can make a search in the ValidValueLine list to find the selected line and then get the text but isn’t there a quicker way to do this :?:

…no direct way to get it. You mentioned it: it’s the purpose of COMBODYN to hide the text in front of the logic…

BTW: please pay attention: COMBODYN is a quite expansive cotrol for rendering. If you have multiple occurances in one page: take FIELD with POPUPMETHOD.


Yes, what you say is true. As a rule of thumb, if the list may contain more than 20 items I usually prefer Pop-Ups.

But I still think that a method like:

public ValidValueLine getSelectedValueLine();

can be very helpful. Because there’s no easy way to get the TEXT of the selected line.