combodyn2 question

Is it possible to display a message or value in a combodyn2 control so that when the user looks at the ‘folded’ control then there would be something in the line and not just a blank?

I am assuming that the combodyn2 control is eventually rendered as an equivalent of the HTML select. In the case of the select it seems that one can either put a value in the folded control or put some message in there say something like please select a zip code etc.

in looking at the documention I could not find anything other than putting something in the tooltip area (which does work very well).

You can simply set the value of the corresponding valueprop of the combodyn2. For instance you set it initially to “” or something like this.
This should do the trick. When your layout page is initialized, the folded combodyn2 shows .

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Thanks for your reply. My valueprop is generated as an array. So would I have to initialize the first occurence of the array with the message?

I would have expected a simple field for the valueprop. Are you sure the valueprop is generated as an array in your version? The validvaluesprop is an array but the valueprop should be a simple field.

Do you use multiple selections?

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I am sorry, I misread the parms. I was looking at validvaluesprop and not valueprop.

I am not using multiple selects at the moment.

The way you described works well, now that I am looking at the correct field. :slight_smile: