How to get the jndi settings for an Integration Server

Hello Everyone,
I am just trying out the “sagcc get configuration data” command and I can’t find a way to extract all the JNDI settings that I have defined for an Integration Server. My environment has many (5 of them) IS and each IS has different JNDI settings. So wanted to get only the JNDI settings for a particular IS and not all…

sagcc list configuration instances | grep JNDI

ID Configuration Type Id Display Name URL
COMMON-JNDI-tim_test_qm_02 COMMON-JNDI yy_test_qm_02

running the above lists all the JNDI …but I don’t know which one is defined against which IS(unless I go into each IS and check where that is defined). How do I get which JNDI belongs to which IS? Any direction is much appreciated

You don’t have to rely on CC for this as you can get this info from the IS itself.

Run the service “wm.server.jndi:getJNDIAliases” and make sure you make WmRoot package visible with the help on IS extended settings watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot=false on Settings > Extended

On CC use the below command

sagcc list configuration instances local integrationServer-default | grep COMMON-JNDI

where integrationServer-default =Runtime Component Id, to get this run “sagcc list inventory components local” and look for

local integrationServer-default Integration Server ENGINE integrationServer

Any questions?

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Thanks Mahesh…that helps