How to get ONE record from the records returned by Database Connector?

Hi every one:

I am using database connector instead of IS connector in designer to get data from oracle.

How can I get one record from the records returned?
For example:
A database connector named “DefaultView.getData” returns following results:
ID Name Age Job
1 Tom 30 Doctor
2 Jacky 35 Farmer
3 Nick 40 Worker

How can I get the Name in second record?
I have tried “DefaultView.getData[1].Name” but failed.

Hi Jacky,

You can select where condition in adapter service then you can get what are the values you want.
ex:select from tableName where ID=2


Hi Smile:
Thank you for your reply.
Sure, I can. However, in this way I have to do query 30 times if there are 30 record.
So I want to do one query to get all I want and access each record by its index.
by the way, I am not to show them in one table but use value here and there in UI.
In fact, the result from a IS flow service can be accessed by index. but from Database connector… I don’t know how to do it