How to get JSP pages to work on Wm 6.0

Does anyone know exactly what needs to be configured in order to allow JSP pages to work correctly on Wm 6.0? I tried to run the JSP sample’s in the WmSamples package but they fail to invoke the services to produce the desired results.

Make sure you are typing the correct URL. It’s a little different for JSP pages vs. DSP pages. URL should be:

If you are using a different JVM, copy the tools.jar file associated with that JVM to
webMethods\IntegrationServer\lib\jars. Then restart the server.

There is a decent PDF about it located: C:\webMethods6\Developer\doc\guides\ISJSPGuide.pdf.


Thanks Phil! I found that documentation previously and had done as you suggested, but could not get the JSP page to work properly. It was the URL that I was using that was incorrect. Once again Phil thanks for pointing me in the right direction!