how to get flow.xml path of the respective flow service

Hi All!

need to get flow.xml file,plesae provive me the steps to achieve this, i will give input as a fully qualified path of the flow service ,output shuld give flow.xml of the input qualified path flow service

anil kumar

You can figure this out for yourself by creating new Flow services and studying where the Flow.xml files are placed or by analyzing existing Flow services.


Hi mark!

i want the flow steps to give flow.xml file as a output,i pass qualified path of the flow servive,ouput should give the respective flow.xml file for qualifiled path of the flow service input

anil kumar

Hi Anil,

How do you get fully qualified path of the flow service? is there any built in service?

I don’t think there is a built in service.
If your package is WmTest and your flow service fully qualified path is wmtest.subflows:testService then the flow.xml path will be ./packages/RbWmTest/ns/wmtest/subflows/testService/flow.xml

Just make service to do it automatically.