how to get Exception in getLastError throw by exit step

-Sequence(main) success
-Sequence(Try) failure
- Branch
-Sequence failure
Exit $loop and Signal Failure (Failure message- Error due invalid type)

-Sequence(Catch) done
when the flow come to exit step its throw the execption with Failure message .
and flow some to catch seq.but here i am not getting the getLastError.
I want to see the error element of getLastError with the same message as i mention in
Failure message…
can you please explane how can i get this message in lastError/error…
Please Help me clear it…

It’s been my experience that there are times when exit and signal failure will not populate the structure for getLastError. There was a discussion thread some time back about this but I cannot find it.

What I’ve done in the past is create a Java service that accepts a “message” input and throws a ServiceException with that message. Then call that Java service instead of using exit and signal failure.

Hi Reamon,

Thanks for reply …I tried with Java service its working fine …
But why its working with EXIT on failure with failure message…:confused:

Any way thanks…