how to get DocumentList after looping over same DocumentList inside loop

Hi All,

I have two DocuementList of different names but with same Schema (let us consider name DocL1,DocL2.)
Now when I am looping over one DocumentList ,Inside that loop I can see DocL1 as doc that is correct BUT at same time DocL2 also showing doc instead of Document list .

Please suggest what is going wrong or anything I am missing .

Hi Swapnil,

sounds strange.

What is yor wM Version?

Can you share the configuration of the Loop-Step, please?


Thanks Holger for reply
I am using wM 9.8
what does configuration means? in properties I am only specifying input array .

Hi Swapnil,

can you provide a screen shot of your service?

There might be another Loop-Step for the second DocList.

Do you have any Fixes for ServiceDevelopment part applied to Designer?


Could you share your package/service?

Could it be that you specified DocL2 as the loop’s output?

We have faced similar type of issue earlier where both document doc1 & doc2 are referring to same reference path and changes to one document was reflecting to other as well.

You can check if you have any direct mapping from doc1 to doc2 at document level.


Exactly @Baharul
I was facing same issue .
I extracted that document to local document with different name and it solved the problem .
Thanks all for reply