How to get Chinese characters in wM 6.0.1

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We have received IDOC XML(with UAT-8) from SAP with Chines characters, when I convert the BizDocContentPart\Bytes to Strings with UTF-8 encoding, I am getting below characters instead of Chinese characters.
这是一个ä¸*æ *文测试文本</

My testing steps:
1. getContentPart
2. bytesToString
3. savePipelineToFile (with .xml file)
4. Open the xml file in IE
5. I suppose to see the chines characters in IE, but I got above characters.

Please update me if anything wrong on above steps and advise me how to get the Chines characters. Appreciate your earliest replay. thanks


It is possible that SAP is using an encoding other than UTF-8. Check with that team to find out and use that in the bytesToString call.

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Thanks for your valuable advice. I will check with the SAP team and keep you updated.[/FONT]

Hi Reamon,

As checked, SAP is sending the IDOC with UTF-8 only. we are using the JVM1.3
Please see the attached screenshot of TN Content of IDOC and advice what went wrong. thank you very much

How does the doc content look in TN console?

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Please click the below link to view the screenshot of TN console.

Actual IDOC with chinese chars:

<TEXT_LINE>Item Text field 简体中文测试</TEXT_LINE>

<TEXT_NAME>Item text (P)</TEXT_NAME>

<TEXT_LINE>testing for 简体中文测试</TEXT_LINE>

<TEXT_NAME>Justification for Purchase (P)</TEXT_NAME>

Seems the version saved in TN DB has wrong encoding already. You need to check the handling service that receive doc from SAP and before saving it to TN.