How to get bizdoc from TN http post

TN is posting data to a service and the service pipeline contains the content (edidata/xmldata/ffdata), content type etc. Is there any way the bizdoc envelope can be part of the pipeline?.

Under the same IS/TN environment, you can use the to retrieve the values for that document. If you are on a different machine, then you can extract the data for the bizdoc before sending it. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

Yemi, it is different machine posting. I am not sure how to extract this bizdoc before delivering through http post. I don’t have any delivery service here. And the document delivered is a EDI X12. So I can’t edit the doc type to extract. Can you explain this bit more?.

If TN is processing the data to a service you will see the bizdoc in the pipeline(set the service input as this way in the flow extract the bizdoc/content(bytes) and do what ever the rest of process is.


TN is not invoking the service it is doing http post to another IS. So I can not see the bizdoc in the pipeline. It shows only the content and content types.

I believe if TN is posting to another IS service,bizdoc will not be in the you may have to reconsider the option and use the edidata in the pipeline.Are you trying to extract partner information or doctype info from the bizdoc?what are you trying to do.


I am getting edidata in the pipeline. I am trying to extract the doctypeName from the bizdoc. The IS receiving the post does not has TN/EDI installed. I can not use any TN related services there. Looks like I need parse the edidata variable to find the doc type.

yes parsing edidata will do the job…

But how can you parse with out EDI module installed on that IS,may be you have search in that string for ST/x12transactionset etc…



A TN bizdoc is not meant to be sent across the wire. Only the content of the bizdoc is sent, as you’ve seen.

If TN is not on the target IS server then you’ll have to do some of the EDI handling work yourself. Would urge you to use the WmEDI package as doing the parsing completely yourself will be quite troublesome.


I need only the docType of the content like if it is 855 or 860. I need to write to a file once I receive it along with the doc type. I am not going to process the data just FTP.

You can do a invoke to local IS from TN, then do a gd invoke from the local service with the bizdoc to remote IS.