How to get a file posted to a URL

Hi friends,
I have to receive a xml file from some other department.They said that they will be posting to a URL and i have to fetch it from there…i hav created a HTTP port…now i donno how to fetch that file from there and procede further
plss help

You need to create a simple Flow service that accepts an object variable named “node”. The first line of such a service is typically either pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument or pub.xml:queryXMLNode. These and about 500 other built-in services are covered in detail in the Integration Server Built-In Services Guide PDF found in your [I]webm_home[/i]\Developer\docs folder.


In your receiving service, the xml data will come in as a *node. So, you will have to perform pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument and you will have your document record.

Thanks for your suggestions.
I want to make my question more clear. I need to create a URL and give to the other partner, so that he places the file in that URL and i use that file.

Lets suppose i have a flowservice named

I need to get the file whatever they have sent to this flowservice.
Do i need to use pub.client:http service in this testservice flow service and GET it ?

What URL should i give to them to get the file into this flow service .

Plz iam new to all this. So plz correct me if iam going wrong.


Your partner should http post XML file to your service,give this url and username/password to get connected to your IS

http: //ISServer:5555/invoke/folder.subfolder/testservice

Please follow above mentioned suggestions to receive the XML file in your test service via node object.also make sure they send xml with Content-Type=“text/xml” for successful process in WM.


To add a bit more to the posts from Mark and rmg, you won’t need a separate “get the file” step. You’ll have it. It will automatically parsed and placed in the pipeline as a variable named “node.” Your service simply needs to go from there.

If you haven’t read the documentation, you should do so.

To add a bit again, in the flow service property, you’ll need to set the ACL permission for Execute to ‘Anonymous’ in case you do not want the user to enter the username/pass.


Thnx so much guys,
So after i get the document in node i will have to use xmlNodeToDocument and map that node to the node in xmlNodeToDocument and convert it to a IS document type.After that i have to check whether there are any errors field in that document if yes i have to increment a record in database…its a 997 ACK that i m getting how do i procede

Hi Friends.
I am new wM and I have a question for you.The Custom department are goin to send me a 997 in a xml string.So i have to give them a URl to which they can send me that xml data.Now one of the field in that xml string is errSegment ,if i encounter that errSefment i should incement a record in my databse by 1 for each ocurrence of that field.
This is what i have done
I have created a URL http://localhost:portnumber/foldername/flowservicename
and given to that dept and added xmlNodetoDocument in my flow service.Now my question is …is that correct? and if yes where will that doc come and after that how should i procede with the logic i know that i have to loop over the elements in that IS document type.Please help

The URL is the way that your partner will send you the XML document once your service is in production or at least user acceptance testing.

During development, you use Develper’s Test->Send XML File to chose a file from the file system and send it to your service. Your partner can probably email you a sample file.

It appears that you have could benefit from working through a basic tutorial. Please find and carefully work through the Developer 4.6 Tutorial on Advantage. There are a few differences between that version and the current version but the basic Flow statements are the same.


Hi all,
I have given a URL to the partner where they can send me a xml string

I have one question if the ISServer is a testing server with its DNS name in the URL…how will i get the xml string to my integration server? coz since the partner will send the xml string to testing integration server.i know that i will be gettin the doc in form of node…so in my input pipeline should i define an object called as node and map it to node in xmlNodeToDocument service

You have to give them the url like this.


this gets invoke your flowservice via http post and the receving serviceinput should be node and map it to XMLNiodeToDocument.This is the way to go.


Thnks rmg,
but do i have to define that node in my pipeline and will it get automatically populated?

You, really, really need to learn to not create new posts for this topic for each subsequent question. The “Post Reply” button is your friend.


And you really, really ought to read the docs and go through the tutorial. This is very basic stuff.