How To Generate Pdf

Hi all iam sandhya, iam facing problem while generating pdf

  My problem is , iam getting xml as input and i want to convert it to pdf,
  so please any one tell the process to generate pdf from xml.

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Thanks in advance for ur reply

There is a sample package in shareware section for specially this purpose.

Hi every body iam sitaram,

     Iam facing the same problem wht sandhya is facing, i tried with pdf creator  package available in shareware but i didnt get the result.

so please help me in creating the flow steps for converting an xml file to pdf.

Thanks in advance

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What error exactly you got or where are you stuck ?

Hi all,

I want to convert the resule from SQl to pdf. I have the result in my hand and I am showing it in the portlet. i need to convert the same to pdf. Please anyone help me to do this.


Joby Joseph