How to generate Heapdump file of IS9.8 on Windows 7


The IS environment is IS default as below.
IS9.8 (Core Fix 8)

  • Java version=1.8.0_101
  • Java home = C:\SoftwareAG\jvm\jvm\jre

TaskManager of Windows 7

  • Process Name of IS is “wrapper-3.5.25.exe”
    which is always shown when the windows service is stared or the "startup.bat
  • Service name is “sagis98_1_default” (PID 4980)

-There is no jmap.exe in the directory “Java home” because it is JRE.

How to generate IS9.8 memory heapdump?
*I suppose to update “customer_wrapper.conf” in some way and execute any command (or push some keys.)

Best regards,
Shogo Tatsuzawa