How to fetch SAMAccount Name when user uses CAF Portlet

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I am in process of developing a CAF Portlet Application for our Company’s internal use. I have integrated MWS with our Company Active Directory system, so any of our Company’s user can login directly into MWS with his default windows credentials.

In the CAF application which I have developed, based on the Active Directory user name [SAMAccountName], I am performing some validations like fetching data from Tables based on username and giving some privileges.

Users are able to login to MWS and able to open CAF Portlet Application, when users Access the CAF application, MWS is sending their DistinguishedName to webMethods Integration Server instead of sending SAMAccountName. So with this issue, I am unable to perform above mentioned Validations.

My SAMAccountName is “sirigiu”, but MWS is sending DistinguishedName “cn=uday sirigiri,ou=apps,ou=hyderabad,ou=india,dc=inet,dc=company,dc=local”

Error in Integration Server, Server Log:
[ISS.0053.0002C] Access denied for user SAMLart on port 7010 → ‘ws/PurchaseRequisitionCAF.webServices.getUserDetails_WSD/PurchaseRequisitionCAF_utils_getUserDetails_WSD_Port’ from
[ISS.0012.0011W] Resolution of SAML artifact “AAFtd3MgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgIDAxMzE4NjAzOTMxOTIwODA5NzUz” failed with exception: org.opensaml.SAMLException: com.webMethods.portal.PortalException: [POP.012.0002.wm_xt_samlsecurityservice] The SAML artifact is invalid or has expired.
[ISS.0053.0002C] Access denied for user cn=uday sirigiri,ou=apps,ou=hyderabad,ou=india,dc=inet,dc=company,dc=local on port 7010 → ‘ws/PurchaseRequisitionCAF.webServices.getUserDetails_WSD/PurchaseRequisitionCAF_utils_getUserDetails_WSD_Port’ from
[ISS.0012.0022C] Access Denied. Authentication resolved to user “cn=uday sirigiri,ou=apps,ou=hyderabad,ou=india,dc=inet,dc=company,dc=local”. User is not defined in any of the available user stores.

In Designer, Binding view of a Portlet, in webService Connector Authentication Method, if I give value as “Hybrid” then Portlet is giving DistinguishedName to webMethods Integration Server.
In Designer, Binding view of a Portlet, in webService Connector Authentication Method, if I give value other than “Hybrid” like “SAML / BASIC” then Portlet is giving USERNAME as “DEFAULT” to webMethods Integration Server.

What I am looking for is that, if in Active Directory the SAMAccountName is “SIRIGIU”, then if the same user access the Portlet then Portlet should give same SAMAccountName to webMethods Integration Server.

Please help to resolve this issue.

Our wM System Details: webMethods 8.2
Operating System: win 2008 server

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Hello Team,

I couldn’t resolve this issue, any help is appriciated.

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