How to exceute OS command on a server through webmethod

i found the same problem here ,
but there isn’t any one suggest a solution ,

i have already configured the required configuration ,

the OSCommand.cnf file is configured with the following configuration:


and executeOSCommand Service’s inputs are
command : /app/softwareag/wm912/resources/OSCommands.cnf
workingDirectory: /app/softwareag/wm912/resources/

and when i run the service i get this error: [ISS.0086.9279] Specified working directory [/app/softwareag/wm912/resources/] is not on the allowedWorkingDirectories list in the OSCommands.cnf file

there is suggestion for this error .

Hi Ahmed,

the OS command needs to be an executable file in the file system, but the OSCommands.cnf is not executable by OS meanings.

Additional, the allowed OSCommands should not contain the path to the executable, this goes to allowedWorkingDirectories.

Can you explain your use case in detail please?
What exactly do you want to execute OSCommands.cnf for?

See IS Built-In-Services Reference for pub.system:executeOSCommand details.


Make sure the WmPublic package is reloaded once you edit and save the *.cnf file.

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