how to enable "include empty values for string types" during run time?

I have to convert the date format of a date string which is passed as input to a flow service.
I can either use dateTimeFormat built in service for this.
The concern I have is, date value may not be passed in the input of the flow service always. If no value is passed to the input “instring” parameter of dateTimeFormat service, the service fails at runtime.
When we run this service independently, we can avoid this failure by checking “include empty values for string types” check box.
Is there a way that we can set this value, so that at run time when no date value is passed to dateTimeFormat service, it doesn’t fail instead it returns a blank or null value as output?

No… and hopefully there is no such option like that…

You have to check the value before calling this service; if it’s not present just don’t call the service.

Before converting "date format of a date string " just check weather it contains any value are empty by using branch statement. simply if it hold any value convert and map, else make it as default mapping…


How I did was took a BLANK=’’ variable and mapped it if there is no input value from source using copy condition.This saved me from applying branch .