How to edit the HTML header of page in MWS

Hi all!

I was looking through documentation, the wikis, forums etc. but I could not find documentation on how to edit the HTML header delivered by MWS.

I hoped to modify the Shell or Skin, but I could only modify CSS and some other settings. Is it possible to insert custom meta tags into pages from MWS? Can I modify the entire HTML structure used for rendering a page? Or is it just possible to influence the page via CSS?

Within one of the standard skins (Pearls) I could find nbsp files (/components/*.nbsp). They seem to render HTML, but I wasn’t able to identify where these components are rendered, neither how they work nor their exact meaning within the skin.

Thx for any hints or documentation on that topic.


If you want to experiment, you would need to modify the html_head.nbsp page at:

However, this file will be over-written for every upgrade so you would need to re-apply your changes after any upgrade.

In order to get the .nsbp page to get recompiled with your changes, you’ll have to restart mws in debug mode (-d) and then browse to at least one page. Afterwards, you can restart in normal mode.

For the next release of MWS, you will be able to add extra tags to the page header by editing a new field in your shell.

Hi Eric,

thx for your response. I’m looking forward to the new version. I will find a work-around until then.
I think it is not a good practice to patch the html_head.nbsp after every upgrade. Some administrators may miss the step.