How to download source code into a sequential file on mf

Our shop is using old versions of SAG products. We are at v3.3 of Natural. I want to run a batch job to download programs from Natural to sequential files on our IBM mainframe. I have no idea what a wizard is as they do not exist for these older versions of the software so the recent replies indicating the use of a wizard to a similar question do not apply in our shop.

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The method depends upon what use you will make of the sequential files. Please provide more information.

I have done that at Miami Dade College. To download your Natural source code to a PC as a flat (*.TXT) file, you can do this thru a JCL that reads your program from Develpment Library and creates a Data Set.

Then you FTP the data set as PC flat file and later open it with Word or Notepad.


I recommend you generate a SYSTRANS the program or library you need.

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“Read your program from development …” This requires a DDM for your FUSER or an understanding of Natural’s user exits. SYSTRANS output contains header records and record prefixes. Yuch.

LIST SEQUENTIAL is the simplest method. A single command can produce a dataset of all source members in your library:


Of course, breaking the file into individual members is a bit of work without PC-based tools.

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Seems you are looking for this. Make the changes accordingly.

//         NOTIFY=&SYSUID
LOGON your-library
L program-name

Hi !
I am also needing to download the natural programs into txt files.
What the best way to do this ?

TXT generated with Ats tip !
Thanks !