how to disable flow service source code and java service cod

hi all,

I need to disable the flow service source code not to view by others i have tried with below possiblities which i can but it is hidding to view the source code in another IS and suggest me right way to do.

  1. I have created the flow service and I have created the new ACL Security–>ACL’s i.e ‘CCS ACL’ and created new Group “CCS Group”, assigned to the ‘CCS ACL’

  2. In flow service under Permissions Property i have assigned the ‘CCS ACL’ to Read ACL,Write ACL.

3.i have created Archive of the package of flow service and installed on the other integration server

  1. in new IS ,i didnot see souce code of flow service initially becz it didnot have ‘CCS ACL’ in ACL’s

for testing i have done below steps in new IS
1.i have created ‘CCS ACL’ in new IS and assigned group to it
i opened the flow service here i can see the source code becz now it has ‘CCS ACL’ in new IS

please any one help me to hide source code of flow service if i deploy the package in another IS

for java service if i remove java.frag file from <Web_IS>/IntegrationServer\packages<projectpckge>\ns\sampleJavaservice i think we can hide source code not to visible. am i right if not please tell me to hide the source code for java services also.

idea:we have created the product on policies and claims using WM Integrations, we need to deploy all our packages and processes at our customer place, here need to hide the source codes at our customers webMethods WM Environment

please any one help me how to do this.

anil kumar e

" hide source code of flow service"

You cannot hide the source code/flow steps of a flow can just assign Read ACL so that developers cannot modify/edit the code who ever not under the CCS ACL group.

Only you can hide code for Java services.


Thanks for reply i have tested with entries in aclwrite.cnf and aclread.cnf with following tag CCS in bothe *.cnf files, i face same problem in Other IS Sever


1.After deployment of this flow service in other server if other server has ACL of CCS ACL assigned with some other groups i can see the flow service source code in deployed integration server.

i have requirement need to hide the source code of flow service like java services (select All except files specified by filter *.class: in deployement management–>packages–>archieve as you said in previous reply)if i deploy the flow services in another integration server i need same functionality to hide the source code , so that our customers never see the source code of the flow service what logic inside.

problem of flowservice with read ACL and Write ACL permission

in flow services if assign read Acl and write ACL to the custome ACL Like “CCS ACL”

if i deploy the these flow services in new integration server,initially source code is not visable becz “CCS ACL” not in the new Integration server

if i create the CCS ACL In the new Integration server assigned with our own groups,my customers can see the logic inside of the flow service and they can understand my policy or claim logic inside of processes and they can edit themself and modify themself as per they future requiremet without consulting us

i need the way to hide the flow services and java services etc… services which i develop in webMethods product, please suggest me on this.

anil kumar e


As i mentioned earlier, there is no way to hide the souce code for flow service.After all, it is XML underneath. i.e. no compilation.
The only way is to assign a new ACL to the folders and services for READ ACL. However, anyone who creates exact same ACL and assigns to their user ID will be able to view it. This is same for all internal wM services.

As for Java services, delete all *.java, *.frag and *.idf files in the packages.

PS:Always try to backup those .frag file, this will be required when migrating to newer version of wM.



as you reply , i understood it is not possible to hide logic of flow service like java services,is any other way to hide logic of flow services in other integration server (not with functionality of read ACLs and write ACL’s)

anil kumar e

No other way as far i know for sure!