How to "disable" field validation in web service

Hi All

I have created a web service which takes a few fields as input.
One of the fields is an optional date field (the user should not have to set it).
I have the following settings for the field:
Required: false
Allow null: true
Content type: date (strongly typed)

I would like this field to be optional, but it seems impossible to get the SOAP processor to accept it unless it is supplied.

I get the following error if I don´t set the field: [ISS.0088.9138] Input parameters do not conform to targetInputSignature:
errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9447] Value does not conform to datatype

Any help is appreciated.


Use Doc/literal and you will be able to set your elements as optional for your input message. There are several discussions on this forum on why it is better. That being one of them.