How to develop a schema for a user defined EDI doc

i am able to generate a schema for the standard EDI doc but the user requirements are that we validate the EDI purchase order(850) doc that is different from standard EDI 850.

can you suggest where i can get more information about it.


hi reddy,

        see that EDI 850 is the standard format given by the EDI, but coming to the client requirement, Purchase Order is going to differ because,every client is having there own Canonical Format,so in that situations, extract the fields what u want.


i know what are the necessary fields.But the structure of the EDI 850 which i am having is different from standard EDI 850. Because of this difference i need to create a different schema for validating the EDI 850 document

hi reddy,

           For creating the Schema, u need to first create a FF Schema and FF Dictionary,basing on ur requirement. 

For developing the Schema, u can refer FF Schema Developers Guide.pdf.
In that PDF, they mentioned clearly.

thanks krishna, the pdf was helpful.

thanks krishna, the pdf was helpful.


You should create custom EDI 850 dictionary/schema using standard 850 and change the fields/validations accordingly to your partners 850 but its all ur risk of validation,format etc…

yes FFSchema userguide will help for editing schema/dictionary formating fields etc…