How to design my requirement using DSP Pages


The following is my requirement :

  1. The first web page for user authentcation to the application.The user will enter his ID and Password and his dipartment and this request will be validated against tha data in a database. If the user is a valid one then it will go to the next(2nd step) page and if not valid then it will show the proper error messge.

  2. In the next page the user will post a .xsl file. The webMethods service will receive that and parse it and create a xml doc and call a webservice and pass this data.At the mean time the user will see the status as processing.If any error occurs it will show appropriate error massage with detail.If processing is succefully completed then it will show the user the success and the time of cmpletion.

Can any body suggest me how can I incorporate this using DSP and where I will use HTML and where DSP and how to control the flow.



First, using Integration Server to create customer facing web pages is generally a bad idea. Sure, it can be done, but that is not the best use for Integration Server. There are many, many web servers and web application development tools out there better suited for this task.

Your second requirement does not make sense. By “.xsl file”, I assume you mean an XSL Stylesheet. An XSL Stylesheet is a document containing instructions on how to transform one XML or HTML document into another XML or HTML document (or text file or whatever). As such, stylesheets do not contain data and I don’t see how you would use one to invoke a web service.

This entire design seems fragile and highly unlikely to succeed. Hopefully, you didn’t come up with it. Unfortunately, you may have been asked to implement it. Your response should be “You want me to do what?!”.


Hi Rupaj,
When you wrote “.xsl” file, did you mean “.xls file”? If yes, then it is better to save that file on user’s desktop as the CSV file and post that CSV file to IS.