How to deploy a microservice on cumulocity by using microservice utility tool

Hi, I am using Cumulocity Free trial version and I want to deploy a microservice by using the microservice utility tool provided by cumulocity. I was following this documentation Configure the microservice utility tool, here they provided a link to the GitHub repository where there is a script of this tool. But I have no clue how to use this script to deploy my microservice.
Also, let me know if there is any other way (apart from this and the Rest API) to deploy the microservice on cumulocity.

P.S: I know I cannot deploy microservice with free trial version of cumulocity but I just want to know the ways to deploy it.

Hi, if you run the tool, there’s a detailed help on the supported commands. In short there is pack to build a microservice zip and deploy to do the actual deployment.

Besides the options you mentioned there are:

Hi Harald,

Can you please tell me how I can install and run the microservice utility tool? It would be a great help.

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Note that the script will only work in Linux (including WSL under Windows) or Mac OS environment. These are the steps:

Hi Harald,

The link that you provided for c8y cli Cumulocity CLI Unofficial is an unofficial version of cumulocity and I am currently getting some errors with this, so can you help me with the solution or point out to whom should I ask for the solution.

Problem: I am getting an issue when hitting the set-session command

One more thing, I have downloaded the script but i don’t know how to run it so can you please guide me.

I asked somebody regarding the error message. I wrote how to run the microservice utility in last answer. What problem are you facing?

Hi Harald,
Sorry for the late response.

I was able to install the go-c8y-cli on PowerShell, but I would like to get your help with this.
So as per your directions I have installed the WSL and I am trying to make the script executable
with the commands you provided but I am getting some errors, so can you guide me on how to run the file in WSL and install it globally?


HI Samanyu,

did you make sure to download the “raw” of the script? This is the direct link:

you can then copy the script to any folder that is in the path to make it globally accessible.

Regarding the Cumulocity CLI, I think it might not be compatible with your tenant if you are using a trial tenant.

Best regards,

Hi Harald,
Sorry for the late response.
So I have to download this script from the link you provided, save it as the .sh file, and use it in the WSL?
If that is so I already did that and it is working fine. Let me know if I am thinking in the right direction.


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